International VAT, Customs & Foreign trade

The number of legal rules concerning cross-border transactions is increasing enormously. Although the Single European Market seems to be harmonized, we cannot be sure that the same business transaction is evaluated the same way in all countries. And concerning transactions with non-EU countries there are no international taxation rules. Because double tax treaties for VAT do not exist, extra burden of taxes may occur.

The risks of expenses and liabilities are tremendous and the requirements for compliance high – last but not least concerning customs and export control.

Together with our international Auren colleagues and our partners of ANTEA (alliance of independent firms) we analyze the specifications of taxes and customs of your global business in the forefront and undertake the whole administrative process if required. Avoid unnecessary expenses and risks by an optimal structure, a correct treatment and the essential documentation of the VAT facts as well as customs handling.

Our services:

  • Analysis and optimization of VAT relevant business processes
  • International tax compliance
  • Optimization of your global transactions
  • Evaluation of international VAT issues
  • Support on registration and tax duties abroad
  • Input tax refund procedure abroad
  • Advisory service concerning customs and export control