Bookkeeping / Digital Accounting

Many businesses make decisions on the basis of financial data provided by the bookkeeping department. These data must therefore be reliable. Efficient bookkeeping is the foundation on which the success of your company is built.

We provide prompt, competent and comprehensive bookkeeping services for companies of various types and sizes in all sectors and in due compliance with current statutory requirements.

We will give you the tools you need to make decisions in your core business – meaningful and up-to-date business management assessments.

Our services at a glance:

  • Bookkeeping services
  • Import of individual data components from your ERP systems
  • Digital record keeping/Digital accounting
  • Preparation of turnover tax advance return and electronic transmission
  • Recapitulative statement (“Zusammenfassende Meldung” – ZM) – electronic transmission to the Federal Tax Office
  • Monetary transactions and dunning
  • Asset accounting
  • Cost accounting
  • Financial planning and target/actual comparisons
  • Business management assessments and monthly reporting
  • Supervision of audits by the finance office