Due diligence

A careful examination of key business areas can save the parties involved from unpleasant surprises. In the run-up to mergers & acquisitions, in particular, a painstaking review of the target is of crucial significance (due diligence). It is of paramount importance to examine in detail the financial, tax and legal situation of businesses.

The economic feasibility of the company to be acquired is examined during the process of financial due diligence. The focus here is on the assets and liabilities structure, earning power, composition of capital and, above all, the ability to produce positive cashflows in future, as this is the decisive factor in the value of a company. Ultimately, it is all about achieving a reasonable purchase price.

Here too, you can rely on Auren’s seasoned auditors. Your advantage lies in our experience and expertise, thus ensuring that your planned business acquisition does not turn into a flop.