Corporate criminal law/Criminal tax law

As the accused in a case involving white-collar crime, you face highly qualified public prosecutors and white-collar crime court divisions, which makes it vital that you are defended by a lawyer who is properly trained in the relevant field.

In criminal tax law, too, the boundaries between saving taxes legally and evading them illegally are sometimes blurred and often hardly recognisable at first glance for the tax layperson. The social pressure on the investigating authorities to uncover tax offences and to punish them has increased considerably, leading to a significant increase in investigative activities in this area, such as house searches, etc.

We offer you qualified advice during searches, and help you to defend yourself in the course of investigative proceedings and in the main hearing related to tax offences or general criminal offences. In addition, our range of advisory services also includes advice aimed at preventing your tax activities from becoming at all relevant from a criminal law point of view.

Our services at a glance:

  • Providing legal advice on how to prevent criminal offences
  • Advising on the introduction of a compliance system
  • Representing our clients in all activities conducted by criminal investigative authorities (such as house searches, seizure of evidence etc.)
  • Representing our clients in investigative proceedings when dealing with the public prosecutor’s office or the division of the tax office responsible for criminal matters and administrative fines
  • Representing our clients in court before all criminal courts right up to the Federal Court of Justice
  • Providing advice in the case of voluntary self-disclosure