Examination of risk management/internal control system

Companies should have a risk management system and an internal monitoring system – not because this is required by law, but because it can make a crucial contribution to the success of a business.

An understanding of fundamental business risk combined with a monitoring and early-warning system will safeguard the long-term future of a company, thus enhancing its value at the same time. An effective system of controls can provide reliable data for important business decisions and make it possible to identify undesirable developments at an early stage.

An examination of these business control functions reassures companies that they can rely on this information and these statements. Our auditors are familiar with many businesses and can help you not only to develop systems, but to review them as well.

Our services at a glance:

  • Development of an integrated risk management system with early risk detection
  • Design of process-integrated internal control systems
  • Set-up of a process-independent internal review system
  • Set-up and functional testing of control systems