Everyone got an invoice with VAT and by paying it contributed to the VAT being the tax that amounts to the highest amount within national revenue every year. VAT is very comfortable for the government as it has minimal administrative requirements in relation to it. Businesses calculate the tax, announce it to the authorities and pay it to these institutions.

National revenue is ensured by extensive audits (special audits, VAT inspections etc.). The formal and burocratic requirements are very high. Even organisatory weaknesses can lead to significant damages. Avoid this by implementing a legal and efficient organization of your business processes in the area of VAT.

We examine your accounting processes and identify weaknesses. Based on the results our VAT experts develop an optimal solution together with you and supervise you when it comes to implementing them.

Our services:

  • Analysis and optimization of VAT relevant business processes (organization guidelines)
  • Development and implementation of risk management systems (tax compliance)
  • Training of staff
  • Ongoing evaluation of VAT relevant issues
  • Supervision of special VAT audits