IT system audits

It’s virtually impossible to imagine a fully operational business without IT today. A business transaction routinely starts well before the financial accounting stage and encompasses order acceptance, the ordering process, the HR department, materials management and so on.

The IT environment of a company largely determines the risk-based approach within the context of the annual audit. As a rule, all accounting-related business processes are IT-based. The challenge for management is that different departments work on one business transaction from their own perspective and with varying levels of knowledge. Undetected media gaps (e.g. in interfaces) can lead to loss of data.

The IT system audit always brings value added for the management: processes are not only the basis of financial accounting, but also of internal report and control systems. Furthermore, the findings of our audits frequently enhance effectiveness, efficiency and economy within the company.

This is why it is advisable for management to have an IT system audit regardless of the obligation to perform an annual audit. This applies in particular in the wake of change-management and restructuring processes or the introduction of new data-processing systems.

Our services at a glance:

  • IT system audits as part of the annual audit
  • IT system audits according to specific guidelines (agreed-upon procedures)
  • Advice and support on change-management and restructuring processes