Auren offers professional services for multinational groups to provide high-level support in the finance & accounting department of a German subsidiary. This is what you can expect from our Inbound Services:

International financial reporting

We assist the local subsidiary in preparing their financial accounts according to IFRS or US GAAP accounting standards for group reporting purposes to support group accounting in fulfilling their investor’s financial reporting requirements.

Further on, where necessary under listing rules of US or Japan- based stock listings of the group, we provide assistance on internal controls, such as SOX or J-SOX in terms of implementation as well as the maintenance of a running systems, such as performing regular test of controls.

Fit for audit

Our international accounting services support may also include the preparation of the entity prior to its financial audit (“fit for audit”). This particularly includes compiling technical memos under IFRS or US GAAP to address specific accounting issues under review by the auditor. This may as well include the full compilation of specific accounting areas including the technical validation, computation as well as documentation under professional standards.

With our specific capital markets experience and expertise we also contribute to maintaining a professional standard for companies listed on common stock exchanges in Europe, the US or Japan.


If required, we certainly will also offer financial assurance services to your German subsidiary. Such assurance services may be in the form of an audit, review or agreed-upon-procedures related to group reporting according to International Auditing standards (ISA) or to local statutory financial statements according to German Auditing Standards (per IDW). Audit or review reports will be prepared in English on demand.

In the case of a group-reporting audit, readiness for work paper reviews by the foreign group auditor is ensured.

Do you need support in with your activities in Germany? Don’t hesitate to contact our experts.