A crisis in a business can be set off by a number of factors. Every crisis is a unique set of circumstances, which makes it all the more important to carry out a comprehensive analysis. Only by knowing the causes of the crisis can the business be realigned for success.

An interdisciplinary team of certified public auditors, tax advisors, lawyers and consultants is needed, both for the analysis and the realignment of the business. This is the strength of Auren. Specialists from the same firm work closely together in order to ensure that your business is poised for a successful future.

We will not leave you alone with a restructuring concept, but will be there to help your company implement it so as to ensure that a crisis becomes the start of a successful future.

Our services at a glance:

  • Restructuring concepts in conformity with IDW S 6
  • Checks on ability to pay IDW PS 800
  • Personnel management and insolvency protection proceedings
  • Certifications as per Section 270b Insolvency Code (InsO)
  • Legal arrangements in a crisis (debt waivers, restructuring…)
  • Tax-optimised restructuring concepts
  • Social compensation plan advice
  • Transfer companies/agencies