Inheritance law

The amount of blood, sweat and tears invested in creating and safeguarding wealth over the course of a lifetime never ceases to amaze. And yet no attention is given to private or business succession planning – or often it comes too late.

Some last wills and testaments leave behind more confusion than clarity. This is most unsatisfactory for all those involved and results in tedious, costly and yet avoidable arguments. Open communication during one’s lifetime is wise; the next generation does not need any unpleasant surprises.

Our lawyers and certified tax consultants provide equitable and comprehensive counselling for business owners and successors. In case a dispute is unavoidable, Auren will guide you through the entire case.

Our services at a glance:

  • Tax-optimised drafting of last wills and testaments
  • Execution of last wills and testaments
  • Legal right share/Forced share
  • Power of attorney for personal care and living wills
  • Advice and representation in inheritance disputes
  • Marriage and inheritance contracts