Change of corporate form/restructuring

Times are changing. Business owners and companies are subject to constant change as well. Succession planning, rules on liability, synergy effects, tax planning opportunities, acquisitions of entire companies and sales of parts of businesses: there are many reasons why companies wish to change their legal structure and why they have to be merged or to be split.

Virtually no other areas in company law have as many stumbling blocks as when chancing legal structure and restructuring: Special consideration is needed to collective and individual employment law, issues relating to company law and taxation, and the legal instructions of register law. Last but not least, the economic feasibility of the undertaking must be considered.

Competent interdisciplinary counselling is therefore essential. A team of certified public auditors and tax advisors headed up by experienced lawyers will support your undertaking from beginning to end.

Our services at a glance:

  • Support in the selection of legal form
  • Analysis of the status quo and evaluation of possible course of actions
  • Holistic support: from planning to implementation (notary) and aftercare
  • Development of concepts for change of legal structure and restructuring
  • Minimise tax risks and utilisation of loss carryforwards through optimisation of the tax planning and group structure
  • Drafting of affiliation agreements and shareholder resolutions