Charities and Non-profit Organisations

The charitable sector, also referred to as the non-profit or third sector, is booming – not only in the foundation segment. Civic involvement is promoted by the state, but only those who know and comply with the rules receive the tax benefits of tax-exempt status.

As the state is withdrawing from many social areas, more and more organisations are trying to fill this gap. To finance these operations charitable organisations are moving increasingly into economic sectors, which in general give rise to a tax liability. It is essential that the associated obligations and risks regarding tax-exempt status are understood.

We offer you the following services:

  • Succession advice together with foundation models
  • Setting up and assisting foundations
  • Formation of associations and other charitable organisations
  • Restructuring of charitable organisations
  • Financial and payroll accounting
  • Preparation of annual financial statements and tax returns
  • Auditing of annual financial statements and annual accounts
  • Tax consulting including formulation of articles of association or bylaws, use of funds, setting up of reserves and tax optimisation
  • Analysis of liability and tax risks, especially with regard to remuneration, donations and commercial undertakings
  • Providing support during tax audits and imminent revocation of tax-exempt status

We would also be glad to support you in implementing your ideas regarding the setting up of a charitable or family foundation.

Take advantage of our expertise in the fields of auditing, tax consultancy, legal advice, consulting and corporate finance combined with our in-depth industry knowledge.