Appeal procedures and finance court lawsuits

Being in the right and winning your case are two different things. This truism also applies in relation to financial management.

Since this has nothing to do with an insistence on being right and everything to do with your money and your future, you will need competent assistance to protect and assert your rights if it comes to the worst.

Deadlines, procedural methods and formalities hold many pitfalls which in themselves have nothing to do with the matter in dispute. Nonetheless, more than a few appeal proceedings and finance court lawsuits are lost as a result of such formalities.

If these “hurdles” are overcome, the content of appeals and lawsuits must be justified – and this must be done in the sort of language and logic understood by authorities and courts.

We provide suitably experienced tax lawyers and tax advisors who not only have the specialist expertise but also the – regrettably sometimes necessary – staying power to deal with authorities and courts.

Our services at a glance:

  • Appeals/objections against tax assessments and other rulings under fiscal law
  • Conduct of finance court proceedings
  • Procedures on appeal on points of law and appeal against refusal of leave to appeal at the Federal Tax Court