Preparation of annual financial statements

Every businessman is obliged to produce an annual financial statement once a year, whilst complying with many provisions of commercial and tax laws. In recent years accounting legislation has become a fast-moving field of law.

Advances in digitisation also mean that financial statements are increasingly available online. Due regard must be given to the consequences: publications of financial statements that can be viewed by anyone and an elevated risk of audits through of e-balance sheets.

One of our core competencies is the preparation of annual financial statements, or advice for companies on how to draw these up, so you can concentrate on your own core business in peace.

Our services at a glance:

  • Preparation of annual financial statements or advice and assistance with preparation (HGB, IAS/IFRS, US GAAP)
  • Strategic implementation of e-balance sheet with due regard for audit risk and enhanced efficiency of bookkeeping
  • Publication and deposition of annual financial statements in the electronic German Federal Gazette with optimal exercise of options under commercial law
  • Preparation of revenue surplus statements
  • Opening, interim, complementary and supplementary balance sheets
  • Reorganisation and merger balance sheets
  • Statement of assets and liabilities
  • Insolvency and liquidation balance sheets
  • Financial statements, income statements and budget accounts for non-profit-making organisations and public corporations
  • Consolidated accounts (HGB, IAS/IFRS, US GAAP)
  • Assistance in setting up a group accounting system and selection of appropriate consolidation software
  • Advice on all matters relating to balance sheet law and tax accounting law