Non-profit law

The non-profit sector, also called third sector, is booming – not only concerning foundations. Active citizenship is subsidized by the government, but you are only given tax advantages, if you know and follow the rules.

Since the government is retreating from an increasing number of social fields, more and more organizations try to fill the gap. To finance these missions the non-profit organizations act evermore in economic areas, which in principle cause tax liability. To know the duties and the risks, which are related to these actions, is unavoidable.

On the other hand we will gladly support you to implement your ideas on establishing a non-profit or a family foundation.

Our services:

  • succession consultancy with foundation models
  • establishing and attendance of foundations
  • formation of associations and other non-profit corporations
  • restructuring non-profit organizations
  • financial and payroll accounting
  • preparation of annual financial statements and tax declarations
  • audit of annul financial statements
  • tax consultancy, among other things on the formulation of Articles of Association, the allocation of resources, reserve accumulation and tax optimization
  • analysis of liability and tax risks, especially concerning remunerations, donations and taxable business operations
  • attendance in case of tax audits and imminent revocation of the non-profit status