Doing Business in Germany

Auren offers professional services for multinational groups and individuals from abroad to provide professional support in the foundation, implementation and improving business in a German subsidiary or in personal matters. This is what you can expect from our Doing Business in Germany Services:

Company foundation package

The advice and support we offer in the creation of your subsidiary abroad is all-inclusive – we assist you in determining the best way to structure your business abroad. We advise you and prepare the necessary steps and documents, while arranging communication with required notary, tax office and commercial register offices.

Domiciliation support

We handle the legal formalities so that you are able to concentrate on your business, e.g. we do the tax and business registration, assistance with opening a bank account, registration at the tax office, application for the reimbursement of withholding taxes, registration of import VAT, and much more.

Tax Consulting and Tax planning

We specialize in tax consulting and tax planning for multinational companies: Preparation for and representation during tax audits, international VAT issues, use of double taxation agreements, establishing transfer pricing for intercompany transactions, dealing with withholding tax issue and optimization of the group tax rate.

Invoicing & Dunning

Create and send invoices with the subsidiaries logo directly from our system, ensuring that no turnover or late payment slips through. In addition, we monitor your outgoing invoices and create regular reminders and reports.

Ongoing accounting services

We take care of the bookkeeping for your subsidiary, your current tax obligations, and preparation of the annual account reports and ensure that the subsidiary is 100% tax compliant.

HR Management & Payroll

Local payroll implies three main concerns: the process is complex, time consuming and subject to various complex rules and regulations. Further, payroll data contains highly confidential private and personal data. In addition, in the case of cross-border relationships and with foreign employees, payroll becomes even more complex.

Finally, our HR management services relate to assisting and managing in all related HR topics and systems. If required, we also assist the local company with recruitment of human resources.

Financial Management Services

We make sure that the financial management of operational assets works efficiently. We analyze and monitor cash requirements for the local entity and create transfer lists for approval. We organize your bids, e.g., insurance policies, according to jointly developed criteria. Depending on the needs of the local entity, such everyday tasks can be taken over by us. Moreover, we can assist in providing interim managers on short notice.

Do you need support in setting up your activities in Germany? Don’t hesitate to contact our experts.