Payroll services

The requirements of accurate payroll accounting are manifold. A knowledge of employment law, income tax law and social insurance law is essential. On top of this, a constant eye must be kept on case law in these areas. Any business finds this virtually impossible to do during day-to-day operations.

We have made “payroll accounting” one of our core businesses. We use an efficient process organisation system, specialist staff and state-of-the-art data-processing systems to provide payroll accounting services for companies of varying sizes.

Keep the pressure of producing monthly accounts to a minimum by outsourcing your payroll accounting to the professionals. We will ensure that your payroll accounting is done competently, punctually, accurately and in line with current statutory requirements.

Our services at a glance:

  • Ongoing payroll accounting (salaries/hourly rates/fixed rates)
  • Dealing with all payroll specifics (incl. minijob, garnishment, capital-forming benefits (VWL), maternity leave, partial retirement, reduced hours)
  • Dealing with staff arrivals and departures, incl. any notifications to health insurance funds
  • Preparation and forwarding of applications for refund of continued remuneration (“Lohnfortzahlungserstattung” – LFZE)
  • Printing and dispatch of salary slips (putting payslips in envelopes)
  • Electronic contribution statements to the health insurance funds and electronic transmission of wage tax return (ELSTER)
  • Preparation of certificates for various institutions (e.g. Federal Employment Agency, health insurance funds)
  • Year-end work (incl. notifications on social insurance, notifications of payments to professional associations, electronic certificates of wage tax deductions)
  • Provision of data for the regular social insurance audits by Deutsche Rentenversicherung and possible wage tax audits
  • Assistance in case of inspections by institutions
  • Assistance with the preparation of travel expense claims