Special audits required by law

In addition to the conventional annual audit, the legislative authorities provide for expert third parties to conduct further business management audits in specific sectors and for specific activities. This tends to be the case if there is a higher level of public interest in risk prevention or risk limitation.

There is also statutory provision for specific audit certification systems in relation to the efficiency of statutory equalisation mechanisms, e.g. under the German Renewable Energy Act (EEG) or packaging regulations, and on behalf of supervisory authorities and public subsidy providers.

In addition to this, the legislative authorities have made provision for special audits designed to assert the right to information of associates and shareholders, thus allowing them to have a fair share of business profits.

Audits connected with commercial and financial indicators are normally tasks reserved for auditors by law.

We combine sector-specific knowledge and the expertise of the annual accounts auditor to ensure efficient and consistent compliance with statutory and job-specific requirements.

Our services at a glance:

  • Special audits under the German Stock Corporation Act, Limited Liability Companies Act and Law Regulating Transformation of Companies, e.g. value of non-cash contributions, under Section 258 German Stock Corporation Act due to undervaluation, adequacy of a cash settlement (“squeeze-out”)
  • Audits in line with packaging regulations (e.g. DSD audits)
  • Auditing in line with the provisions of the German Combined Heat and Power Act (KWK-G) and Renewable Energy Act (EEG)
  • Auditing and verification of financial expenditure in connection with EU subsidies
  • Auditing in line with the German brokers and commercial developers ordinance
  • Audits under the German Banking and Securities Trading Act
  • Auditing of stockbrokers
  • Auditing of application of funds (ESF, grants from foundations)