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Commercial criminal law/Criminal tax law

As a suspect involved in tax and economic criminal proceedings, you might face highly qualified investigating authorities like specialized public prosecution offices and chambers of commerce. In order to keep the damage to the persons and the company involved as low as possible, competent and appropriate defence is essential.

The lines between legal tax savings and illegal tax fraud can sometimes be blurred and are often hardly noticeable for a lay person in terms of tax knowledge. The social pressure on the investigating authorities to uncover and punish tax offences has grown and has led to a significant increase in investigative activities in this area, e.g. house searches etc.

We offer you a highly qualified criminal tax defense by effectively supporting you throughout house searches, preliminary investigations and at court hearings. Moreover the range of our consulting services encompasses preventive counselling as well in order to avoid that your tax matters become criminally relevant under penal law.

Our services at a glance:

  • Preventive counselling to avoid criminally relevant matters
  • Defence and representation in the preliminary investigations towards public prosecution or the court and civil penalty body of the tax office
  • Representation in all measures of the investigating authorities
  • Advising on the introduction of a Compliance System
  • Court representation before all criminal courts or even before the Federal Supreme Court
  • Counselling with a voluntary self- disclosure of tax matters

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