Are you active or intending to become active in a cross-border way between India and Germany?

Do you have plans to start a business or to set up a subsidiary or a branch as an Indian company in Germany or vice versa?

Are you looking for business partners in a cross-border company transaction?

Do you need comprehensive expertise in fulfilling your tax obligations or financial reporting in accordance with common standards? 

Our extensive professional experience and knowledge of the Indian and German market, in combination with our multidisciplinary approach, are the best guarantees we can offer you to provide you with the highest level of service. More than 400 professionals are at your disposal in India and Germany to assist you with any issue in the fields of financial advisory, audit, national and international taxation and M&A.

Your contact persons

Thilo Krohn
Partner, International Accounting Advisory
+49 711 99786840
[email protected]

Mitesh Gala
Partner, M&A & Valuation
+91 9702663263
[email protected]

Darshan Shah
Partner, International Taxation
+91 9869121586
[email protected]

Ankit Jain
Partner, Global Structuring
+91 7738704337
[email protected]