Transferring an enterprise is usually a long-term project, of at least several months with the necessity of an appropriate preparation before negotiations with the other party may commence and finally the deal is successfully closed.

Auren supports you in focused preparation, with particular activities such as:


  • Making the target ready for an offering
  • Assess the company’s value and thus potential sales price
  • Search and identify potential acquirers


  • Search and identify potential targets based on  a strategic profile
  • Entering discussions with potential seller
  • Assess the target’s value and thus potential purchase price

Feel free to contact our experts if you need support:

Thilo Krohn
Certified Public Auditor (Germany)
Certified Tax Advisor (Germany)
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Lothar Schulz
Certified Public Auditor (Germany)
Certified Tax Advisor (Germany)
+49 711 997868-13