Business Strategy

Are you following a unique strategy that has been drawn up and designed for your organization’s needs, to serve its goals? Is this strategy is clear and practicable?

The great challenges of today’s organizations are a by-product result of uncertainty in the fast-changing environment of the global-technological, agile world. Alongside the challenges, there is an unprecedented potential for extensive success and growth.

It is a great opportunity for the managemental levels to utilize this reality to leverage the organization. It is an opportunity to enhance the business, turn the challenges to competitive advantage, to improve the business.

Auren provides strategic consulting services that examine the current situation, mapping the gaps; in business services, core processes, market access, technology, positioning.

The business examination, analysis, and orientations will be translated into a practical solution, which will offer a way of action.

Our team believes in a dedicated internal strategy and therefore works closely with the management. Our consultants strive to formulate tailored growth goals that are created in the process of working closely with the management.

The usage of demonstration elements, such as designed presentation is important, yet we know and use these elements as tools, not as a stand-alone goal in the process.

We believe in an active and productive process.

Eventually, you will get a clear idea of the current state of the business, the growth opportunities, and potential practical paths to implementation. A quick translation of this information will allow you to implement it as work plans with measurable goals.

Marketing & sales

Is your organization’s marketing & sales strategy integrated and delivering added value for your clients’ business needs?

Auren Israel Consulting department, a leading consulting department that provides its clients with a unique added value.

The department’s extensive experience and knowledge in executing marketing & sales plans in Israel and around the world. The combination of sales knowledge with assessment and testing tools; enables our consultants to design the shortest and most accurate path that will produce profitable sales.

The plan will reveal the market trends and the required dynamic organizational environment needed for development processes to happened, alongside the aim to build and operate a strong and stable organization with continuous growth.

Auren delivers practical, functional and accurate results.

Auren helps its business clients to understand the market trends, what value chain is required for their clients. To develop their competitive advantage, which will lead to profitable and healthy growth.

Our services include:

• Market Research and Market Analysis

• Building a Marketing budget

• Corporate Identity and Corporate Perception

• Online and Digital Marketing Tools

• Direct Marketing

• Advertising in various communication media channels

• Brand Management and Control

• Managing and Building PR

• Sales Strategy

• Sales Training

• Set Destination and Forecast

• Strategic Sales

• Build, Operate, and Manage a Sales Lineup

Excellence of Operations Management and Supply Chain

Do the operations system support your clients and the organization’s strategy at once, are you leveraging all the virtues of your supply chain for the benefit of your clients and business goals? Is your organization distinct in its Operations Management and Supply Chain?

Auren Israel will direct you towards thestrategy that will bring your clients to prefer and choose your organization over and over again. We will do so by following the wishes of your clients, improving your organization’s operational and business processes.

Auren aims to bring the operations system and supply chain into operational management excellence. In a way that will maximize the capabilities of the organization and its environment, to promote and support the organization’s clients and business strategy.

Our expert team understands that the world belongs to the clients. Therefore shapes the operational strategy accordingly. Each organization has special requirements and business strategy to comply.

We will weave the operational strategy into the business strategy and embrace all the benefits and capabilities of the organization.

Operational excellence, as a way of life and organizational culture; will raise the level of service step by step. We believe that the client is entitled to receive what he ordered, in the time, quantity, quality, and price; as promised.

Our consultants are here to help you to keep this promise.

Auren takes active actions in the organizations, to achieve much more and better by utilizing and integrating people, processes, and assets.

We are not only advising – We are here make sure it happens.

Our aspects of expertise include:

• Coordination processes and practices in the operations of the supply chain with the organization’s business strategy.

• Operations and Manufacturing processes.

• Acquisitions and Logistics processes.

• Planning and Scheduling of Production processes.

• Customer Service and Customer Experience processes.

• Leading improvement processes, efficiency processes, and developing cost-effective processes (Lean, TOC and more).

• Implementation of excellence as part of organizational culture in the operations and supply chain.

• Adjust the organizational structure with the organization’s business goals.

• Professional outsourced Operations Management services.

• Locating and recruiting suppliers or subcontractors.

• Production Project Management Outsourcing services: Locate a suitable manufacturing factory for production by a prototype model.

• Project management for the establishment of logistical and operational infrastructure in Israel and abroad.


Let’s start at the end, which is the most interesting part.

Does the organization meet its business goals year after year?

Do the bottom line, profit line and cash-flow serve the organization?

Auren Consultanting offers a unique results-focused business method, VSO (Value Selling Organization), the method and its tools are customized used to assist your business to achieve its needs and goals.

Is this method suitable for your organization?

One of the significant virtues of the method is its universality. As it is suitable for small organizations (up to 20 employees) as well as huge corporations. In fact, it is suitable for businesses looking to create steady and constant growth.

The bottom-line success has already started from the first action in the chain.

Fulfill your business goals; that’s what we’re here for.

Business development

Want to take your business to the next level?  

Auren Consultanting through guidance and professional insights assists organizations on how to achieve long-term and sustainable growth; by implementing a systematic process of generating beneficial partnerships with other organizations, exploration of new markets, and the maintenance of a structured path for new goals developments for the organization’s product or service.

Auren Consultanting team helps organizations to develop and create new business opportunities with new leads in Israel and around the world, and with the support and backup of our international network of contacts.

Auren international network of contacts and professional knowledge comes as a great advantage we provide our clients; a strong and stable foundation.

This foundation allows our team to provide and produce new references by using our existing relationships, and to assure that our business activities are synchronized and customizes to your ongoing marketing activities and advertising campaigns.

Human Capital (HC) Development and Organizational Learning

Human Capital and Organizational Learning are both meaningful and critical tools in today’s dynamic business environment.

Our professional consultants’ team is a leading top-notch in the fields of Organizational Learning and Managing Human Capital in Israel. We believe in open conduct that follows the latest developments in the field; at the same time, we challenge the limits, to lead the professional field.

We are following the approach of “people are the organization.” Auren’s team specializes in building and maintaining personal management skills. The recognition of these skills, the importance and the effect it has on business success, has expanded tremendously lately in Israel and worldwide.

Auren provides a full response to all the various fields. Specializes in managing and transporting Organizational Learning processes into a systematic way to develop the organization’s Human Capital.

Auren experts have extensive experience in leading training processes, mentoring, guidance, and development learning processes in various scale of organizations. Alongside the professional comprehensive knowledge of the field, we also have experience in international training of executives from around the world.

Our services include the following:

• Organizational training, learning, and development: Planning, managing and guiding organizational training, learning and development programs aimed at advancing the organization’s business objectives.

• Leading organizational transformation processes: Designing, directing and leading organizational cross-organizational transformation processes.

• Leading organizational data system implementation (ERP, CRM, LMS) processes: In collaboration with other experts from our consulting department, which are specialized in the Operations Management Excellence.

• Managing outsourced Human Resources (HR).

• Building and implementation of A Learning Organization by Peter Sanji’s model, “the fifth Discipline”, which designed for business organizations.