Cloud solutions

We accompany companies and assist in a qualitative solution of the organizational strategy that reflected in the organization’s information systems and the way of work. Cloud computing is a world of technological solutions that enable organizational flexibility and the development of improved business concepts and effective solutions for the organization.

Computer Data Services, programming and information systems through remote computer systems, to which users connect via the Internet or through dedicated communication lines, has developed a new world of practical solutions, innovative methods of work, and risks and exposures that should be prepared in advance.

We will be happy to assist in the planning and implementation of the systems in order to reach the peak of innovation in parallel with the peak of effectiveness that meets the goals and needs of your organization.

ERP Systems

We are here to assist you to recruit the technology to ease your management processes and to have a better control over all the processes in your business.

ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning is an integrated corporate information system. ERP’s are been used for multi-system data processing, to provide management information and handles all data processing needs in the organization.

With our guidance, your organization will be able to develop and implement systems that will include the organization’s financial systems, human resources, marketing, logistics, operations and more, for synchronized activity as a single unit, in a unified interface, and in an integrative manner in order to improve systems efficiency and effectiveness.

Our expert will analyze and advice you on the best solution ERP for your business. Our team will examine your business activity and assist you to assimilate an ERP system that fits your need.

​Data security and cyber

We are offering you an examination of your information security systems to make sure that your valuable business information is safe and secured.

Information Security and Cyber Solutions are the need of the hour in the technological world around us.

Examination of the information security systems is critical for your business, it is the first step in order to protect and secure your organization systems.

We are also providing advanced services that will assure you that your sensitive business information (including accounting, legal, intellectual property, etc.) secured.

Your business information is a valuable assent you worked hard to achieve, protect it.

Our team will assist and advise you in the implementation of advanced security solutions, protection from cyber-attacks and cybercrime.

​Blockchain technology

We are offering your business smart technologies to improve your business results. The blockchain is one of the most powerful technologies that we have right now on the market.

Blockchain technology is a new and evolving world of technological solutions that will affect all aspects of our life, from virtual currencies, supply chain efficiency in all fields, information documentation, agreements and contracts between individuals and entities.

We recommend you to conduct a strategic examination with the help of our experts in order to examine how the blockchain can be integrating into the strategic and practical levels of your organization.

We assist our clients in launching an ICO – Initial Coin offering (issue of new currencies), writing a winning “white paper” for recruiting investors or locating partners and collaborations. Developing new projects that incorporate the technologies methodology. Issuing Tokens for a variety of areas of activity, issuing ICOs and Tokens as part of the employee benefits system. Integration of smart contracts in the work processes and activities of the organization, and strategic consulting for management, combined with new technologies in the organizational worldview.

What is blockchain?

A simple definition of Blockchain: a distributed and decentralized ledger where all of the participants have a copy of ledger and collectively reach consensus on the validity of new transactions grouped into blocks, chronologically created so that each block is cryptographically linked to all previous and future blocks and a change to data in one block would alter the hash output for subsequent blocks thereby ensuring all information is append-only and immutable.

Our experts are here to assist you in adding a new valuable asset to your business. Take your business to a new level, embrace the innovative solution blockchain has to offer. We are here to consult you and examine the opportunities with you and for you.

IT & Innovation

Our company provides solutions in various fields of innovation and technology, in order to find the optimal solution for your business. From business consulting and support to practical implementation of the technological solutions required to achieve your success.

Innovative and technology are a requirement these days. In order to keep your business in the race, competing and evolving. The business world becomes more challenging and you need to think ahead.

We believe in an innovative approach, it is mainly the reason we can consulting you and assist you analyzing your business better so your business will stay relevant and in front. Our solutions and expertise combine practical systems such as building ERP solutions for business computing and information, cloud computing, data security and cyber technologies, innovative developments in Blockchain technology, including smart contract systems for the supply chain, handling and issuing of virtual currencies and developing customized and unique systems.

Our Services:

1. Blockchain Technology

2. Data security and Cyber

3. ERP Systems

4. Cloud Solutions

We are here to offer you the best solution adapted to your sector and equipping you with tools, you need to have. Our team of experts will review all the aspects and will consult you and direct you toward the best option for you.