Commercial & Corporate law

Our priority is to advise and to avoid conflictive situations. However, if a conflict will arise in the future, our international professionals will be ready for the defense.

You need peace of mind; we are here to help you get it. To provide you with the best defense, our worldwide experts have the required deep understanding.

That means, we can observe the situation and to take an action correspondingly.

On-going advice: Technical-legal assistance for all kinds of business entities, in the general meetings, and also in the board of directors meetings. Drafting of the by-laws and minutes of the general assembly. Procedures and technical assistance with the commercial registries: Legalizations of accountancy, official trading books, including the minutes’ book, preparation of annual accounts, preparation and deposit of annual accounts, request for an appointment of an auditor.

Commercial contracting, market and competition: Development of all kinds of agreements (corporate, franchise, joint venture, distribution, etc.), regulatory Competition compliance and consumer law.

Corporate restructuration: Diagnosis of imminent equity imbalances and legal advice to companies on the legal measures to adopt and insolvency proceedings. Legal support in the filing of voluntary creditors’ meetings. Pre-insolvency situations.

Other actions: Filing of complaints with the Commercial Courts. Challenge and/or defense of defense agreements given the opposition to company resolutions and corporate actions of the administrators, protocols between members in family companies, mediation in commercial disputes and planning of the succession in the family company, dealing with the commercial, management, human resource, and tax aspects.

Auren international team is here to consult, support, or to accompany your business through processes, which can be delicate and needs your attention in the legal field. We got you covered.

Change of corporation form / restructuring

Allow your business to grow, require sometimes to shift and adjust the structure and the rules to transform, renew, and restructure. You need to be able to react to the changes in your industry and be more flexible.

Those kinds of changes require business and companies’ owners to think about subjects such as succession planning, rules on liability, synergy effects, tax planning opportunities, acquisition of a company or a sale of a business, mergers and in some other situations splits.

Whatever the need is. It does require some kind of legal advisor: collective or individual employment law, company law, taxation law and\or register law.

Competent interdisciplinary advice is therefore essential. A team of auditors and tax consultants headed up by experienced international lawyers will supervise your undertaking from the very beginning to the end of the process.

Our services:

  • Selection of legal form
  • Development of concepts for a change of corporate form/restructuring
  • Evaluation of alternative operations
  • Drafting of affiliation agreements and shareholder resolutions

Auren international team is here to advise you through and after the decision, so you will know that the process is going as smooth as possible.

Contract design for companies

Auren International acknowledges that every business has different needs. It is our place to understand the needs of your business and fulfill it by designing a suitable contract.

Individual contracts are always a worthwhile investment for your business. Unnecessary disputes can be avoided by careful contract design, and you will have sound legal protection if a dispute should nevertheless arise.

Save yourself hassle and expense: make an investment that will pay off.

Our services:

  • Analysis of key contractual provisions
  • Contract design tailored to your requirements
  • Design and checking of business-related contracts
    (incl. sales law, service contract law, commercial law, labor law)
  • Contract design for private business owners

Our international legal team will provide you with the most suitable solution with a designed contract, which will take into consideration all the important points and get you covered and protected.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Auren International is here to make it easier to face the challenge when you are about to make such a change. Changes are not easy to swallow for all the involved parties.

Whether we accompany you as the purchaser or seller of a company, we understand that the purchase or sale of a company means far more than simply advising on the legal structure of the company purchase agreement.

It includes: preparing your company for the sale, helping to look for a suitable buyer or seller, a cost-benefit analysis of the company’s assets (due diligence), advice on setting the purchase price, support in every project phase, formulating the Letter of Intent, negotiating and drawing up the company purchase agreement and any subsidiary agreements, and supervising the process until its successful completion.

Having worked in this field for many years, Auren’s team understands not only the legal aspects of this transaction but the emotional implications as well.

You can rely on our team of specialists, who will be there for you through the whole process from beginning to end.

Our services:

  • Preparations for the transaction
  • Advice on purchase price arrangements
  • Letter of Intent
  • Conduct and supervision of due diligence reviews
  • Amendments in line with company law
  • Legally compliant drawing up of the company purchase agreement and subsidiary agreements
  • Handling and follow-up of the transaction process
  • Advice on external communications

Auren International is committed to you as a client and with our accompanying the process will be much easier.

Business succession

Auren’s international teams are specialized in advising business owners and their families. The wealth of a business owner or a family most of the time consists of more than the company alone. Other assets tend to include the property at home and abroad, stocks and shareholdings.

Our consultants take an interdisciplinary global approach when dealing with the retirement of the owner and the consequent transfer of assets to the hands of the next generation.

The wishes and circumstances of the family will dictate the nature of our advice and the arrangements that should be made. Complicated matters related to company law, inheritance law and taxation must be taken into consideration.

Auren’s team of consultants has the qualifications and the experience to provide you with the help you need to devise and implement effective solutions.

Our services:

  • Planning advice in the light of inheritance law and company law
  • Advice on the transfer of assets in one’s lifetime
  • Drawing up of wills for business owners
  • Advice on contracts of inheritance
  • Conduct negotiations with family members
  • Tax optimization
  • Asset protection
  • Advice on moving abroad and on multiple residences

Auren International understands the need to protect you personally, your business and your family. Business is never just a business, it is managed by people.

Inheritance law

The amount of blood, sweat, and tears, that have been invested to produce, and to safeguard the wealth achieved throughout a lifetime never ceases to amaze. Nevertheless, there is no proportional awareness given to the significance of private or business succession planning. If there is planning, most of the time, it comes too late in the process.

Our international legal advisors in collaboration with our tax consultants provide equitable and comprehensive advice for business owners and successors. To avoid and solve the dispute, Auren’s team is here for you to offer support and guidance during the process.

While some of the wills leave behind mainly confusion other than clarity. It is unsatisfactory and unfortunate for all those involved in it, and the result of it might be protracted and costly, and yet all these disagreements and misunderstandings could have been prevented. Open communication during one’s lifetime is wise, this way the next generation does not need any unpleasant surprises.

Our services:

  • Tax-optimized drawing up of wills
  • Health care power of attorney and living wills
  • Execution of wills
  • Advice and representation in inheritance disputes

Auren International will make it simpler, so you will get the best out of it. To clarify and to reduce the confusion into the minimum.